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Liberty Bell Flea Market

4741 National Road East,

Richmond, Indiana 47374

Manager:  Apryl

Phone:  (765) 935-4555


The Liberty Bell Flea Market is a large flea market on Richmond Indiana's east side with a wide variety of vendors, booths, and items.  The business is under new management and has made great strides in improving the whole operation. You can find a variety of products or merchandise both new and used. The selection includes collectors items, primitives, dollar store merchandise, handcrafted and unique items. You never know what you will find, but the patient and persistent can find a lot of good deals there. The prices will vary from booth to booth as dealers set their own prices conducive with the USA free enterprise system. Liberty Bell is air conditioned during summer shopping and there is a nice cafe with free WiFi. Hours of operation vary seasonally.

Approximately 300 vendor spaces including a Cafe, Barber Shop, Dennis’ Gold and Silver, “Duck’s” Coins/Knives/Collectables, Everman's Toy Barn, Jo-Br-An's Jewelry Department, Varcom Computers and Guitar’s, Brian’s Collectable Sports Memorabilia, Patrick Pet Supplies, Carol’s Cupboard, Dollar Store and many others too numerous to mention.

Cost of vendor spaces vary by size, physical location and special services provided.

On-site 24 hour video surveillance with off-site “after hours” monitoring by Koorsen Security.

Apryl & Andy